Week 6 The law is “Divine”

Emerson’s law on compensation is, I admit, difficult to read.  I have been picking up though, some very important concepts that even though I knew them, I couldn’t explain them very well.  I can articulate them now.  The idea that everything has an opposite and that there are both ends to every stick.  The stick of prosperity, beauty, love, poverty, loss.  Everything has an up side and a down side.

Here is what I believe.  God helps smooth the down side.  We can seek the up side of life, knowing full well the whole time that there will be equal and opposite situations that accompany that up side.  We can expect it.  Yea, it is LAW.  Troubles WILL come because that is the law.  BUT, we can see them for what they are.  I believe it is critical for us to be humble and troubles humble us.  If we are grateful in the midst of our troubles, we can access the Grace of God or the Universal Mind, if you will, to inspire us and help us manage those troubles.  BUT WE CAN EXPECT THEM.  We KNOW they will be there every time.  No surprises.  No, “Why me.”  No whining and crying.  Troubles WILL come.  And when they come out of the blue, you KNOW the silver lining WILL be there.  There will always be an equal and opposite compensation.  Brilliant.

There is so much to this essay that speaks to what I believe already that I am feeling like I have come home, in a sense.  Home to the familiar, the truth.

I was at the Home Depot the other day and was speaking to a sales associate  It reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter.  She left on a mission for our church after having worked for a couple of years there.  She told me of people who tried to steal things and how often people tried to cheat and actually run out of the store with stuff.  It is almost comical if it wasn’t so pitiful.  I thought of Emerson and how those people are only cheating themselves.

A few years ago my husband and I decided to store our children’s Christmas presents in his law office thinking it was safer than our house. We had really sacrificed to get some nice gifts for our 6 children.  Less than a week before Christmas someone broke into the offices and stole all our gifts.  We were heart-broken at the time and so discouraged.  We KNEW the “Universe” would extract from the thieves the payment for what they stole.  Still, we were devastated.  Long story short, people sacrificed and gifts came out of the woodwork.  We got a chance to see the true spirit of Christmas as people came forth to help us.  One distant relative won a wide screen TV (This is back in the early 90’s) at his work and sold it and gave us the money to buy gifts for our children.  Just one example.  Anyway, we were compensated for our loss and I am sure the thieves were compensated in a painful way.  We didn’t have to worry about that.  We were able to let it go.   Our faith helped and that is my point.  The painful experiences in life, even though they are expected because we know the “law,” are ameliorated by the Atonement of Christ.  The pain is swallowed up.  We can CHOOSE to allow that to happen.  It is a choice.


One thought on “Week 6 The law is “Divine”

  1. Dala…what a wonderful thing isn’t it? The Yin and the Yang, the top to the bottom, the positive to the negative. Emerson, in his eloquency gives us the raw truth. How great that we can also apply the Law of Dual Thought. If something isn’t going the way we thought it would, look at the what you got out of it and how you grew from the situation. We are in control of our destiny through our thoughts and actions. Keep Shining!!


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