Week 7 Why is it so HARD!

You know, this idea of the process of creating your new life is pretty simple.  Yet, it is not sinking easily into my head.  At times I feel like I have it, but MOST of the time, my mind is confused as to which process to begin at any given moment.  My mind is so undisciplined that I wonder how I made it through life thus far.  Actually, the way our society is set up where people wake up, go to work, function, come home, watch TV and go to bed makes being mindless pretty common.

I love this industry of NWM and entrepreneurship because it forces you to grow in very painful ways.  It forces you to LABOR with all your might to change your thinking and LEARN constantly.  I look at myself in the mirror and know the reason for my progress being not what I want it to be, is entirely because of the thinking of the person staring back at me.

I DO love myself.  I always have.  I know I deserve the best.  I know where I am is not where I am designed to be BY GOD.  So, in my endeavor to overcome this carbon unit of a body and mind, I am amazed at how hard it is.

I am so thankful for this scientific approach and the community of support that is here.

It is funny.  As a side note I post quotes and uplifting thoughts on my biz Facebook page and going through all this reading, I have a plethora of ideas to post.  I could post every minute of the day and still not run out of things to post.

My son just returned from a 2 year mission for my church.  He was in Brazil.  He is home now and beginning a new life.  He is open, like a sponge, to learning and to making his way UP STREAM in our society as he learns how to work for himself and create income outside of the usual methods we are taught in school.  I wish I could download everything I have learned directly into his head.  But, I would do him no favors because the benefit is in the hard work.  In the journey.  Not the accomplishment but in the knowledge gained from the hard work.  Priceless information.




8 thoughts on “Week 7 Why is it so HARD!

  1. You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy. You are the bright light leading your way to your future self. Sit quietly and work on letting your mind settle…it WILL happen. Great post Dala!! Keep Shining!!


  2. That downloading idea is a good one…maybe in a few years it will be possible. My son has been lying in hospital with a shattered leg for over a month and fearful thoughts that they will amputate keeps coming into his mind. I shared the Law of Substitution with him and I wrote it on a card with…. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving Harmonious and happy on the other side all in big colourful letters. He is desperate but he still gave me a little wry smile that said “Dad you’re crazy” He took the card to humour me but he can’t stop me praying for him.


  3. It seems to me that just about everybody who tries to change their thinking struggles with doing it, but I believe the rewards will be worth ten times the struggle. Keep with it, like Mark says every *tiny* improvement is still improvement. We can do this!


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