Week 15 If you don’t believe in God, you’re not going to like this post

I have been studying the law of attraction, Think and Grow Rich, and many other resources on how to create a better reality for yourself.  Comparatively speaking, my life hasn’t been so bad.  But there were some very painful parts of it that definitely needed changing.  I thought if I lived God’s commandments and did “my part” or what I THOUGHT was my part, the “blessings” would come and I would find my circumstances changing and getting better.  They didn’t get better.  In fact, they got worse.  I told God that I wasn’t going anywhere, meaning I didn’t feel a life of turning my back on God or his true church was going to be to my benefit so I told God I was going to be patient and wait out my life and do the best I could with my present circumstances.  Still, I had burning questions in my heart as to why I couldn’t have the improvements in my life I so badly needed.  My marriage was falling apart, our finances were worsening each month, my work stress was increasing, and I could not see an end to the struggles.

I have to give myself credit, I DID watch “The Secret” and grasped the concept that I created my reality.  It was hard to swallow but when I took full responsibility, I began to visualize a different reality.  That is when my present income opportunity came to me.  Long story short, I was able to retire, I tripled my income, and my husband divorced me.  All to my benefit.

The point I want to make here is that all these concepts we are learning in the Master Keys are God’s laws.  Only in the last couple of weeks as love been identified so clearly as the way to vitalize thought.  I have always struggled as to how to create the feelings necessary to vitalize thought.  Like I said last week.  Love I can do.  Love I know.  Love I have been increasing my whole life.  If love is the way to activate the law of attraction, I got this.

I’m encouraged by the fact that everything I am learning in these Master Keys are familiar because these are the very same concepts I have been studying as a Christian my whole life.  All of this rings true because all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole.

God is love.  God commands us to love Him and love each other.  Love is the greatest force in the Universe.  It is THE force in the Universe that created everything, including us.

What I love about this course is that it meshes with who I am at my core and the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s all true.  I love truth.

I’m so grateful, so profoundly grateful for God’s laws.  I love all His commandments that have been given for our benefit.  He loves me, He loves you.  Clearly.


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