Week 16 Thinking-the one great cause in life

This is my year.  2017.  Everything is coming together.  I have amassed in 2016 all the information I need to be successful in my business and in life.  I got so bogged down with that mass of information that I became stuck and paralyzed so I didn’t do anything.  I kept collecting more information hoping each new piece would give me the information I needed to get unstuck.

Enter the Master key Alliance course.  Through the information, exercises, readings, sits, and everything, I am now able to move forward, pick out of the massive amounts of information I need to be successful in my industry, and begin to ACT.  What is that worth?  What is it worth to go from lost in a sea of videos, webinars, books, and pod casts, to being productive and seeing a clear way to reach your goals.  I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful too that I can turn around and teach my children what I have learned.  I’m grateful I can be an example of someone who courageously fought to overcome the blueprint programming that kept me “down” to CREATING a blueprint of the life I want.

Thinking.  The one great cause in life.  I’m finding I was a lazy thinker as are most of the people in the world.  Thinking for me has been hard.  I let go of that belief and embrace the idea that thinking is relaxing, productive, peaceful, and brings me all the things I want in life.

Thinking.  The secret.  Who knew!


4 thoughts on “Week 16 Thinking-the one great cause in life

  1. Dala, I am so glad to read all you’ve learned and that the MKE has gotten you unstuck! It gets even more exciting! And your influence will be greater as you see yourself with the end in mind. What you see is truly who you are! Loving thoughts to you always!


  2. I’d love you see your about me page and press release! Will you have those up soon? Contact your guide if you need help with it. Your guide is here for you!

    Caryn Elizabeth Kehrly
    MKE Certified Guide


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