Week 17 I got kicked out because I wasn’t kind

I have to preface my comments and the story I am about to tell with a description of who I am, really.

I really am a kind person.  I am very religious and spend a substantial amount of time each day reading scriptures, on top of all the exercises we do in this group.  I have worked hard over the years to implement the teachings I have learned in the scriptures.  I have been so pleased with how congruent what we are learning here is with all my religious beliefs.  Turns out, I’m not perfect.  Case in point.

Over the past year I have spent a good amount of time and money learning the ropes of developing relationships on line to help me move my network marketing business forward.  I have known that because of my inexperience in this field, the on line world, I would need some structure and mentoring.  I came to this conclusion after almost a year and lots of frustration trying to implement the programs I bought.  I just needed someone to help me.  So, I paid a significant amount of money to get into a mentoring program.  I was so excited to have one person directing my activities.  Even though I didn’t know exactly how everything would be done, I trusted my mentor and knew 2017 would be my year to break out, so to speak.  I have done network marketing the traditional way, but I ran out of people to talk to and didn’t like cold market prospecting.  If you want to call it that.

So, there is a Facebook group for this relatively small group of people who will be in this mentoring program.  Assignments were given to go over some classes on the website in preparation for the live training in a city I bought a plane ticket to and booked a hotel reservation.  I was all set.  One problem, I couldn’t for the life of me find the classes on the website.  They seemed to be buried very deep in a mountain of information and I just couldn’t seem to access them.  The live event is next week and I was anxious to do my homework but couldn’t.  I went to the FB page and even found others asking where to find the classes that were assigned.  I had been a member of this website for several months and have never been able to access classes very easily which is why I bought the mentor ship program.  Anyway, I too commented that I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the classes.  Finally, a couple of days later I was really pulling my hair out (hmmm, first clue that I needed to step back and take a breath) so I just said on the FB page that I needed someone to call me so I could get to these classes.  The comment that got me kicked out was, “This website is insanely difficult to negotiate.”  Looking back, I realize this was not a “Kind” thing to say.  I was frustrated.  Really frustrated.  So, I made a comment coming from that frustrated place.  I didn’t step back and consciously respond to my feelings.  I reacted.  So, guess what.  I got kicked out of the program.  The mentor said she had read my FB posts and considered me unprofessional.  Even though I apologized to her and her staff for my comment, she wouldn’t budge.  I lost my opportunity to be mentored by someone I respected in the market place, I lost the opportunity to condense the time it takes to learn the on line FB approach to finding people to talk to, and most of all, I was perceived as being a jerk.  That is the one thing I feel badly about.  I have lots of ways to do NWM and I have many ways to learn how to do what I want to do.  I lost the opportunity to be a light in the world in this particular group or arena.

I know I am not perfect.  But, I think if I had been concentrating MORE on kindness so it permeated my every thought and every minute, I would have responded differently to my frustration and I would still be in the mentoring program I bought.

Lesson learned.  These lessons are fantastic.  They bless your life in many ways.  They are TRUTH.  Truth is truth.  Truth works every time.  Truth wins every time.

I know in my heart of hearts that I am a kind person.  I know I am a good person.  One person perceives me as being an awful person and I feel badly about that but it doesn’t negate the fact that I have value intrinsically.  I’ll keep working on being kind.  Being kind is not something I began working on last week.  I have worked on it my whole life.  Clearly, I have a ways to go.



2 thoughts on “Week 17 I got kicked out because I wasn’t kind

  1. Dala,
    I am completely sympathetic with your journey to dominating “kindness” or overcoming the obstacle that’s keeping you bound to unkind thoughts. On one hand, I’d love to get you into a more supportive group to mentor you. However, my hands are tied unless you find my information another way. But I want you to know that kindness is as kindness does! So on one hand, the people who were NOT making training easy for you have to be told “it’s difficult to find”. You are clearly passionate, which is to your credit. Because the information was difficult to find, what does that say about the way you believe getting this information should be?
    May I suggest you make an affirmation something like “Life is easy, everyone means well, time is on my side, I am loved beyond belief, magic conspires on my behalf, nothing can ever hurt me without my consent.”

    Belief IS the foundation of whats to come. Change your belief and change your outcomes!

    1. Believe
    2. Have positive expectations
    3. Receive good outcomes

    How do you change your belief? Well, Kindness week is the week you look for kindness all around you. Seek and you shall find. Sure the other stuff is there too but you won’t notice it most of the time when you’re focusing on kindness. (One of the laws of the mind) More will be evident as you BELIEVE that kindness is around you.
    1. First comes belief.
    2. Second come seeing it!
    3. Third comes speaking to those kind people who you truly desire to get the support for business you are looking for.

    You got what you believed you deserved, like it or not! So do you think you can choose a belief that supports you rather than sabotages your success so that kind people flock to you and assist you with all kinds of help? I pray you get this! It’s a life changer! 🙂

    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.

    Have Faith Dala.

    Caryn Elizabeth (Kehrly)
    MKMMA Certified Guide


  2. Thank you for your story Dala. I really feel your frustration and I sympathize with you, having been in similar situations myself.

    Was about to write a longer comment, but I see Caryn already said everything so well 🙂 May I just add that I hope you forgive everyone involved, including yourself for being hard on yourself.


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