In New Zealand

Hey, I’m in NZ and I have a jammed packed schedule.  I just thought I would do a post to let you know.  It is fun to travel and watch people.  Lots of kindnesses going on.  People helping people.  I am with a group of returned missionaries.  We all served missions 40 years ago.  I’m living with angels in my home and now I get to vacation with more of them.  I’ll post about my experiences when I get home.



Week 17 I got kicked out because I wasn’t kind

I have to preface my comments and the story I am about to tell with a description of who I am, really.

I really am a kind person.  I am very religious and spend a substantial amount of time each day reading scriptures, on top of all the exercises we do in this group.  I have worked hard over the years to implement the teachings I have learned in the scriptures.  I have been so pleased with how congruent what we are learning here is with all my religious beliefs.  Turns out, I’m not perfect.  Case in point.

Over the past year I have spent a good amount of time and money learning the ropes of developing relationships on line to help me move my network marketing business forward.  I have known that because of my inexperience in this field, the on line world, I would need some structure and mentoring.  I came to this conclusion after almost a year and lots of frustration trying to implement the programs I bought.  I just needed someone to help me.  So, I paid a significant amount of money to get into a mentoring program.  I was so excited to have one person directing my activities.  Even though I didn’t know exactly how everything would be done, I trusted my mentor and knew 2017 would be my year to break out, so to speak.  I have done network marketing the traditional way, but I ran out of people to talk to and didn’t like cold market prospecting.  If you want to call it that.

So, there is a Facebook group for this relatively small group of people who will be in this mentoring program.  Assignments were given to go over some classes on the website in preparation for the live training in a city I bought a plane ticket to and booked a hotel reservation.  I was all set.  One problem, I couldn’t for the life of me find the classes on the website.  They seemed to be buried very deep in a mountain of information and I just couldn’t seem to access them.  The live event is next week and I was anxious to do my homework but couldn’t.  I went to the FB page and even found others asking where to find the classes that were assigned.  I had been a member of this website for several months and have never been able to access classes very easily which is why I bought the mentor ship program.  Anyway, I too commented that I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the classes.  Finally, a couple of days later I was really pulling my hair out (hmmm, first clue that I needed to step back and take a breath) so I just said on the FB page that I needed someone to call me so I could get to these classes.  The comment that got me kicked out was, “This website is insanely difficult to negotiate.”  Looking back, I realize this was not a “Kind” thing to say.  I was frustrated.  Really frustrated.  So, I made a comment coming from that frustrated place.  I didn’t step back and consciously respond to my feelings.  I reacted.  So, guess what.  I got kicked out of the program.  The mentor said she had read my FB posts and considered me unprofessional.  Even though I apologized to her and her staff for my comment, she wouldn’t budge.  I lost my opportunity to be mentored by someone I respected in the market place, I lost the opportunity to condense the time it takes to learn the on line FB approach to finding people to talk to, and most of all, I was perceived as being a jerk.  That is the one thing I feel badly about.  I have lots of ways to do NWM and I have many ways to learn how to do what I want to do.  I lost the opportunity to be a light in the world in this particular group or arena.

I know I am not perfect.  But, I think if I had been concentrating MORE on kindness so it permeated my every thought and every minute, I would have responded differently to my frustration and I would still be in the mentoring program I bought.

Lesson learned.  These lessons are fantastic.  They bless your life in many ways.  They are TRUTH.  Truth is truth.  Truth works every time.  Truth wins every time.

I know in my heart of hearts that I am a kind person.  I know I am a good person.  One person perceives me as being an awful person and I feel badly about that but it doesn’t negate the fact that I have value intrinsically.  I’ll keep working on being kind.  Being kind is not something I began working on last week.  I have worked on it my whole life.  Clearly, I have a ways to go.


Week 16 Thinking-the one great cause in life

This is my year.  2017.  Everything is coming together.  I have amassed in 2016 all the information I need to be successful in my business and in life.  I got so bogged down with that mass of information that I became stuck and paralyzed so I didn’t do anything.  I kept collecting more information hoping each new piece would give me the information I needed to get unstuck.

Enter the Master key Alliance course.  Through the information, exercises, readings, sits, and everything, I am now able to move forward, pick out of the massive amounts of information I need to be successful in my industry, and begin to ACT.  What is that worth?  What is it worth to go from lost in a sea of videos, webinars, books, and pod casts, to being productive and seeing a clear way to reach your goals.  I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful too that I can turn around and teach my children what I have learned.  I’m grateful I can be an example of someone who courageously fought to overcome the blueprint programming that kept me “down” to CREATING a blueprint of the life I want.

Thinking.  The one great cause in life.  I’m finding I was a lazy thinker as are most of the people in the world.  Thinking for me has been hard.  I let go of that belief and embrace the idea that thinking is relaxing, productive, peaceful, and brings me all the things I want in life.

Thinking.  The secret.  Who knew!

Week 15 If you don’t believe in God, you’re not going to like this post

I have been studying the law of attraction, Think and Grow Rich, and many other resources on how to create a better reality for yourself.  Comparatively speaking, my life hasn’t been so bad.  But there were some very painful parts of it that definitely needed changing.  I thought if I lived God’s commandments and did “my part” or what I THOUGHT was my part, the “blessings” would come and I would find my circumstances changing and getting better.  They didn’t get better.  In fact, they got worse.  I told God that I wasn’t going anywhere, meaning I didn’t feel a life of turning my back on God or his true church was going to be to my benefit so I told God I was going to be patient and wait out my life and do the best I could with my present circumstances.  Still, I had burning questions in my heart as to why I couldn’t have the improvements in my life I so badly needed.  My marriage was falling apart, our finances were worsening each month, my work stress was increasing, and I could not see an end to the struggles.

I have to give myself credit, I DID watch “The Secret” and grasped the concept that I created my reality.  It was hard to swallow but when I took full responsibility, I began to visualize a different reality.  That is when my present income opportunity came to me.  Long story short, I was able to retire, I tripled my income, and my husband divorced me.  All to my benefit.

The point I want to make here is that all these concepts we are learning in the Master Keys are God’s laws.  Only in the last couple of weeks as love been identified so clearly as the way to vitalize thought.  I have always struggled as to how to create the feelings necessary to vitalize thought.  Like I said last week.  Love I can do.  Love I know.  Love I have been increasing my whole life.  If love is the way to activate the law of attraction, I got this.

I’m encouraged by the fact that everything I am learning in these Master Keys are familiar because these are the very same concepts I have been studying as a Christian my whole life.  All of this rings true because all truth can be circumscribed into one great whole.

God is love.  God commands us to love Him and love each other.  Love is the greatest force in the Universe.  It is THE force in the Universe that created everything, including us.

What I love about this course is that it meshes with who I am at my core and the truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It’s all true.  I love truth.

I’m so grateful, so profoundly grateful for God’s laws.  I love all His commandments that have been given for our benefit.  He loves me, He loves you.  Clearly.

Week 14 A little wind can begin a hurricane

Hannel points out in this week’s lesson that “Just as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes an action on the part of a weather vane, so does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce within your subby action in exact proportion to the depth of feeling characterizing the thought and intensity with which the thought is indulged.”

This goes back to love.  I have struggled for YEARS as I have read Hannel, watched “The Secret,” and learned that changing your paradigm depends on being able to emotionalize thought.  The degree to which you can change your paradigm depends on the degree to which you emotionalize your thoughts and goals.  Here’s the thing.  I am not an emotional person.  I’m very cerebral.  I have never really been able to conjure up emotions easily.  “Act as if” is really hard for me.  Really hard.

Love on the other hand, that I can feel, intensify, pray to increase, and measure.

I have to give myself some credit for my ability to ignore the circumstances of my life that would normally give rise to stress and anxiety.  I have divorced this year and my husband left me a ton of debt which I am aware of but give no attention to.  My attention is on what I want.  My attention goes to changing how I think, creating my ideal life, and manifesting abundance in my life.  The debts will take care of themselves as I learn to manifest the success in my network marketing company I am capable of.  What I need to concentrate on and give more attention to is the unique and powerful aspects of the product and opportunity I have to offer.  Eric Worre spoke an an event in Orlando during the hurricane last October.  He said, “You know those commercials on TV that advertise medications where 3/4ths of the commercial are spent on the side effects which frequently include DEATH?  Well, you have the answer to every condition and your answer is backed by real science.  You, of all the companies out there can actually claim that you have the answers to the problems people take medications for AND, your solution includes ZERO side effects.  YOU GUYS NEED TO BE TALKING ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT AND OPPORTUNITY MORE IN THE MARKET PLACE.  Hello.”

Well, I felt convicted at that moment and realized that I need to step up my love factor even more and get the word out about this new technology people don’t know about simply because they only way they will find out is if I tell them.  I’m not talking enough about my product and opportunity.  Love.  I realize I’m not loving the world enough.  I need to love the world enough to shout on the roof tops that there is a solution for the underlying cause of all degenerative disease.

I didn’t mean for this blog post to be a commercial but what are commercials about?  Getting information out to the public about whatever.  Who wouldn’t want to know about how to fix the underlying cause of all degenerative diseases?  Who wouldn’t want better health and to slow the rate of aging?  I would.  I did.  That is why I got involved in my company in the first place.  Notice I didn’t tell you the name of the product or the name of my company.  I’m not here to push anything.  I’m here to serve.  If you want to know about the product, just message me.  I’m just here to be the messenger.

Love.  That’s the key.

Week 13 Thank you Mark and Davene

I’d like to take a minute to express my profound gratitude to mark and Davene for the opportunity I have to participate in this Master Mind Alliance and learn at their feet.  The missing information I have needed in my life to be successful in my career has burst on my mind in bits and pieces as I go through this course.  My subby has put up a tremendous fight and is still making it very difficult for me but as Mandido puts it, “I will persist.”  I will win.”

Week 12 FINALLY. My suspicions have been validated

I have been reading and studying the law of attraction for some years now.  I have tried to simplify the concept for my little brain and have suspected for some time that the key to vitalizing thought, creative thought, is love.  The BASIS of the Law of Attraction is indeed love.  Love is the most powerful word in the universe.  It is through love that the universe was created and everything in it.  It is the first commandment from God to Moses.  “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.”

Instead of thinking of this as a commandment to restrict us and “tell us what to do,” God is giving us the keys to the kingdom.  The second commandment to Love thy neighbor as ourselves is an OPPORTUNITY.  God wants us to be happy.  This is the secret to happiness.

I’m so excited to have my suspicion that Love is the secret to emotionalizing our thoughts because love I can do.  Love I can feel.  Love I can magnify.  Love I can pray for.  Increased love is my super power.  I’m excited to go forth and use this one concept to spring forth at lightening speed my DMP, my progress, my efforts in every area.  Love.  That’s the secret.